Emission Tester Calibrations

SkillPro Services Brisbane Calibration Workshop is now providing emission tester calibration services.

SkillPro Services is employing our in depth

knowledge of both calibrations and emission

testing to provide servicing and calibration

of 4 and 5 gas emissions analysers.


Gaseous emission testing is a very useful workshop tool for tuning engines for optimal air/fuel ratio to ensure the efficient operation of catalytic converters and economical running. It is also useful for diagnosis of injection system faults. Most brands of emission analyser use Infrared optical absorption to measure Carbon Monoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Hydrocarbons (HC) and Electrochemical cells to measure Oxygen (O2) and Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) (if fitted).

Infrared detectors are sensitive to particulate and water vapour contamination and consequently require checking for accuracy at regular intervals. Oxygen sensors are obviously exposed to Oxygen constantly and this results in a slow deterioration of the sensitivity of the sensor, with most requiring replacement about every two years. Regular calibration ensures that a workshop’s instrument can be relied upon to provide accurate measurements for diagnostics and engine optimisation.




If you are an authorised automotive LPG gas installer, the Queensland Department of Mines and Energy or the New South Wales Department of Fair Trading require that you have a 4 gas analyser in your workshop. Inspectors may ask to see a valid calibration certificate for this instrument every twelve months.


SkillPro Services offer this calibration certification as an extension to our decades of experience calibrating emission analysis and gas detection equipment for the coal mining industry. Our qualified technicians source parts requiring replacement, perform a calibration adjustment using traceable gas mixtures and ensure your exhaust emission analysis equipment is working optimally. We ensure a fast turnaround time to minimise disruption to your operation.


For more information please call Dale Howard on (07) 3276 0099

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