Diesel Fuel & Emissions Research

On-going research into various engine and fuel types is pointing the way towards alternate fuels as a viable way to lower the mass of diesel exhaust particulate matter (DPM). DPM is a highly topical subject, especially amongst industry workers in direct contact with diesel exhaust emissions; typically, underground miners and civil tunnelling contractors.

DPM emissions are highly variable, with engine design (especially fuel injection technology), speed and load, and fuel type, being the major contributors. Highly specialised emissions testing equipment and computer controlled engine dynamometers are used by SkillPro’s engineers to assess gaseous and DPM emissions under pre-determined duty cycles. SkillPro have custom programmable engine management computers that allow our enginners to re-tune modern common-rail electronic diesels to lower emissions or change engine performance.

The thrust of 2010 onwards research is into a selection of bio fuels that will significantly lower DPM without sacrificing engine performance

More information and some results can be found in the following document.

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